Our People

Asma Ali Mohsin Al Jashani

Chairman– Al Jashani Law Firm

Asma Ali Mohsin Al Jashani, is the Chairman of the Al Jashani Law Firm and an Emirati qualified lawyer having right of audience before all the UAE courts. She has extensive knowledge and vast experience of the United Arab Emirates laws and regulations.

Asma was raised and nurtured by her father Advocate Mr. Ali Mohsin Al Jashani in the field of law. She has been able to create a future vision of her father’s ambition and is working towards consolidating the position of Al Jashani Advocates and Legal Advisors as a legal force to reckon with globally!

Under her leadership Al Jashani Law Firm has built a legacy of successfully representing all developments and changes in the region and upholding the rights of its clients under the UAE Laws. The Al Jashani Law Firm has evolved into a firm that has provided fair access to justice for thousands of clients locally and internationally. The firm has also been a gateway for multinational companies to enter and survive the highly regulated UAE market.

Asma is also credited with further consolidating the position of the Al Jashani Law Firm across judicial departments, governmental departments and most importantly prestigious clients.

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