Contracts and Corporate Practice

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Our team of trained experts assists various corporate entities in the region with their most complex matters and provides legal solutions to protect them in their daily business deals and corporate transactions. Our corporate team is devoted, passionate and ready to assist in each and every aspect of the corporate matters and dealings and has deep knowledge and understanding of the urgency of the daily commercial transactions. Our services include but not limited to analyzing, reviewing and providing legal opinion and drafting all types of contracts in the areas of:- Articles of Associations and Addendums, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mortgage Agreements, Loan Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Construction Agreements, Joint venture Agreements, Employment Agreements, Non-disclosure and No compete Agreements, Healthcare & Hospitality Agreements and hundreds of other agreements tailored as per corporate requirements. Furthermore, we assist and advise corporate with their daily transactions promptly and represent various corporate and business developers in their negotiations and dealings, issue legal notices on their behalf and appear as mediators and handle settlements. We also appraise our corporate clients with any legal development in legislation, judicial precedents and proceedings which may concern their business affairs.