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Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors is one of the United Arab Emirates pioneer, most successful and prestigious law firm. Since its establishment in 1993 by Advocates Ali Mohsin Al Jashani the Firm is considered a long standing pillar in the UAE community. Mr. AL Jashani’s vision is to create an Emirati Law Firm defined by both, the character and the spirit of its advocates and legal consultants, as well as their extensive knowledge and vast experience of the United Arab Emirates laws and regulations. Eventually and long after the founding of the Firm Al Jashani was recognized and it became synonymous with quality legal service, hence the stellar reputation who enjoy today. After educating and training his daughter and making sure that After taking over Al Jashani Law Firm, Advocate/ Asma Ali Mohsin Al Jashani who was raised and nurtured by her father in the field of law, she was proudly able to create a future vision of her father’s ambition and to make Al Jashani Advocates and Legal Advisors a fine-tune aspect of development in various areas and fields and to earn an impressive reputation in the judicial departments, governmental departments and most importantly gain clients trust, based on years of successful practice in the field of law.

Today, under the leadership of Advocate/ Asma Ali Mohsin Al Jashani and due to her insightful vision; Al Jashani Law Firm is able to continue the legacy and successfully moves forward representing all developments and changes in the region and upholding the rights of its clients under the UAE Laws, and is able to evolve the name Al Jashani Law Firm into a fair access to justice for thousands of clients locally and internationally.

Today Jashani Advocates and Legal Advisors has set the highest standards of the legal profession and gained such reputation of a successful practice of the UAE Laws, regularly tackling on the most complex legal matters with utmost diligence for its clients. Such success is due to the timely and highest quality legal services provided to its clients, maintenance of excellence, sincere advocacy and sensible implementation of the UAE laws.  Whereas, our legal team invest in resources and experience to truly understand each and every client’s case, legal ramification and refine the service to meet their evolving needs in a manner which serves the client’s best interests.

We at Al Jashani Law Firm are defined by our innovative and client centric approach to delivering the finest legal services.  We understand the need to define our service offering around our clients’ legal needs as opposed to areas of legal expertise. We pride ourselves our creative engagement in dealing with our various clients’ cases, our legal team and the massive reputation we have in the legal and community.