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At Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors, our team has been the core foundation of our growth and success throughout the years.  Our vast pool of bright talented lawyers in various fields within the UAE Judicial system is passionate about providing astute representation and advice to private clients and organizations locally and internationally.

When you aspire to be the leader in your field of practicing law you need a progressive outlook and an innovative approach in tackling whatever caseload comes on your way. That is why Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors, led by the tutelage of lead advocate/ Asma Ali Mohsin Al Jashani, along with the legal team lead the battle on, to protect their clients’ rights and stature under the law of the land.


Our Law Firm recognizes the importance of staff training so that our clients can count on our expertise in various and complex aspects of the law and receive the highest level of personalized service. Our team of lawyers, advisors and administrative staff collaborate with a single goal:

“To protect our client’s interest”

Our lawyers are known for the clarity, timeliness and effectiveness of their counsel, and as a result have become our clients’ call of first resort for resolutions to their toughest legal challenges.

At Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors, the firm recruits high-caliber people who have extensive legal experience in the UAE. We value our team’s collective background which allows us to approach our clients’ cases from a variety of legal angles. We provide our legal advisers with on-the-job training and research facilities so that they are well-equipped to deal with current and specific legal issues locally and internationally. We value our ability to adapt quickly to the new situations and act swiftly on developing areas of the UAE Law.

Our valued clients noted that we do not seek to provide them with lessons in the intricate points of the law; our firm cut through the legalese and deliver clear legal guidance. The firm’s legal advisers explain all the issues in clear terms that are commercially sound, comprehensive and balanced. Clients praised the original and modern methods Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors, use to win the impossible legal battles, noting that there is constant communication with our clients at every stage of their proceedings as fast as they transpire.  The firm’s legal team always act in our client’s best interests, reducing the time and costs associated with claims and legal proceedings.

We have total flexibility to tailor our approach to our clients’ exact needs, and our team of lawyers, paralegals, delegates and support staff can move quickly. At Al Jashani Advocates & Legal Advisors, we do believe that good is not enough and this is the intrinsic value inspiring us to continuously seek to add value to clients by delivering astute, business-savvy advice designed to achieve excellent, time and cost efficient results.